Trading is not appropriate for those with few resources, little experience and does not tolerate risk.

Trading in derivatives or other leveraged products involves considerable risk and is therefore not suitable for all investors. The use of leverage can be an advantage for the investor if used wisely, but it can also be very risky. You could lose all your money and find yourself forced to deposit additional funds maintain your position. If you can not meet the margin requirements, your position will be liquidated and you will be solely responsible for the loss. Therefore, you should not invest more than you are willing to lose. Above all, you should not finance trading by subtracting resources from your savings (pension funds, provisions, loans) nor should you use in trading the money you would need to pay living expenses.


Trading requires a good knowledge of financial markets and investment strategies. When trading, you are competing with other markets. You could lose money, as well as you can experience market risks, even for system errors. Another thing you must always take into account is the cost of commissions, which could increase your losses or reduce your earnings.


Before starting to trade, carefully evaluate your financial resources, your objectives and your skills, and if necessary ask for advice from an expert.



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Technical analysis is not the only means of making decisions on the markets, so we do not recommend its exclusive use. Furthermore, any trading decision must be well thought out and never rushed. Always remember that past performance does not in any way guarantee good results for the future.





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